CWG 2022 Medals Tally: 15 more medals in India’s account, tough competition continues with New Zealand

India on Sunday won the maximum number of medals in boxing and athletics with 4 gold, 3 silver and 1 bronze. Apart from this, a gold was also found in TT.

On Sunday, India won 4 medals, including one gold, while performing strongly in athletics.

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Commonwealth Games 2022 has reached its final stage. Now there is only one day left in the games and only a few medals have to be competed. That is, all countries have only a few chances to overtake each other. India He is also one of them, who is struggling to reach the fourth place. What will happen on the last day, it will be known only on Monday, but Sunday was a good day for India, where the country got a total of 15 medals including 5 gold. However, even after this, India is in fifth place, but New Zealand is not far away.

how was the performance on sunday

For India, Sunday 7 August was a very good day in terms of boxing and athletics. In boxing, India consolidated its position by winning three gold and one silver out of the four finals. At the same time, surprising everyone in athletics, got gold and silver in triple jump. A total of 4 medals from athletics came on Sunday, including 1 gold, 2 silver and a bronze.

New Zealand and India’s fierce competition

Apart from these, one gold and one bronze also came from table tennis, while bronze from hockey and silver from cricket. At the same time, in badminton, India won two bronzes, while 3 finals were confirmed. In TT too, Achanta Sharath Kamal made it to the finals of men’s singles. In this way, taking a total of 5 gold, there are now 18 gold in India’s account. Due to the successive gold on Sunday, India had once overtook New Zealand to take fourth place, but the Kiwis made a comeback.

Now there is only one gold difference between the two, due to which New Zealand is on fourth and India on fifth. However, India is ahead in overall numbers with a total of 55 medals.

Watch 5 gold on the last day

India now has a chance to win gold in the finals of women’s singles, men’s singles and men’s doubles in badminton on Monday 8 August, the last day of the Games. Apart from these, there is also the final of TT. At the same time, most of the eyes will be on the men’s hockey finals of India and Australia, where India would like to end Australia’s streak of becoming champions for 6 consecutive times. However, Australia’s reign in the medal table does not seem to end and now it has taken a good lead over second-placed England. Australia is first with 66 gold and England is second with 55.

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