CWG 2022: Mirabai Chanu wins heart after gold, has fun with 6 year old girl

While Mirabai Chanu won the hearts of Indians with her game, she is also making others convincing with her behavior.

Mirabai Chanu won gold in Commonwealth Games. (SAI Media Twitter)

Indian weightlifter Mirabai Chanu He brought a smile on the face of every Indian by winning the gold medal in the Commonwealth Games being played in Birmingham. Chanu is not only bringing smiles on people’s faces with her game, but she is also making people happy with her behavior. Chanu has done a heart-wrenching job after winning the medal on Saturday. Chanu is the player who gave India a silver medal in the Tokyo Olympics and opened the country’s medal account.

After Chanu’s brilliant game, there is no dearth of his fans. Till now these fans were seen only in India but this time Chanu’s fan was seen in England too and Chanu made her fan’s heart happy.

6 year old fan waited

This fan of Chanu is not very old. The age of this fan is only six years. Till after winning the medal, Mirabai was in the stadium and meeting people, photos were being stretched. During this, his six-year-old fan was waiting for him. Chanu met her fan LC Ayres three hours after winning the medal. This little girl eagerly waited for Chanu. When she came in front of Chanu, this little girl showed her talent too. LC showed his gymnastics skills in front of Chanu and split. Chanu also split with him.

Mirabai Chanu has a big heart

Chanu is constantly improving her game and reaching new heights. But their behavior is still grounded. She does not shy away from helping others when she gets a chance. Chanu does not disappoint even the fans. Another weightlifter from India, Bindiyarani, who comes from her state and practices in her own academy, has also seen Chanu’s generosity. There was a time when Bindiyarani did not have money to buy shoes. When Chanu came to know about this, he gave his new shoes to him. Bindiyarani has also won silver medal in Commonwealth Games-2022. She missed out on winning the gold medal by just one kilo. that first time Commonwealth Games taking part in.