CWG 2022: Natraj will end India’s drought by jumping into the swimming pool

Swimmer Shrihari Natraj hopes for medal in Commonwealth Games. India has never won a medal in normal swimming

Swimmer Shrihari Natraj hopes for medal in Commonwealth Games

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Jaswinder Sidhu.

first thing. Till date, India has never won a medal in general swimming in the Commonwealth Games. In 2010, Paraswimmer Prashant Karmakar gave India a bronze in 50m. But with Srihari Nataraja qualifying for the semi-finals of 50 and 100 meters at the Birmingham Commonwealth Games, India’s drought may be coming to an end in the swimming pool. Natraj is also one of the many Indian players present in Birmingham who are not being discussed. Whereas this 21-year-old swimmer from Bangalore is a big hope of India.

century of medals

Nataraja was two years old when he jumped in the pool. The playing environment at home helped a lot. The process of achieving achievements at a young age has not stopped yet. Since 2010, Natraj has 106 medals to his name. Natraj can also be expected because he is eager to make history. After qualifying for the semi-finals on Sunday, when asked why the sport has not gained much recognition in India, the 6.2-fit Natraj replied that he is here for that. Because they know that there are many young talented swimmers in the country. A medal in the big event will motivate him to take the sport seriously.

the best is yet to come

The highest expectation from Natraj is from the 50m backstroke event. He clocked 25.52 seconds which was the second fastest in the heat. Another big reason to expect Natraj is that this was not his best time. He holds the national record of 25.18 seconds. In such a situation, his own best performance in the semi-finals can ensure a medal. Natraj is trying to create history by winning medals for the country in these games in 100 and 200 meters.

Natraj recently won bronze in the 100m backstroke at the Singapore National Swimming Championships with a time of 57.58. This was also not his best time as he clocked 53.77 seconds. Clearly, a good day, a good start and a great performance will take them closer to a medal in Birmingham. In the 2018 Games, Australia’s Mitch Larkin single-handedly won the men’s 50, 100 and 200 meters backstroke events in 24.68 seconds, 53.18 seconds and 1.56.10 seconds. Qualifying for the Paris Olympics realizes that his biggest requirement for a medal. Undoubtedly, Natraj’s greatest strength is the experience he has gained in recent years. He has got opportunities to participate in national and international championships continuously.

eyes only on the medal

Natraj is seeing a medal for himself in these games. That’s why he has prepared himself according to his plan for these Commonwealth Games. Recently, he told in an interview that he has not been doing much swimming since arriving in England so that his body does not feel tired for the competition. To increase the time and speed, he has slimmed down his body by reducing his weight. A slim body in swimming is helpful in removing muscle fatigue quickly. Surely, after getting a medal in these Commonwealth Games, Natraj will further inspire the young swimmers of the country. However, whenever he gets the opportunity, he shares his experiences with the youth as a motivational speaker in the schools and colleges of Karnataka. He wants to do something for the next generation of swimmers. Obviously what can be better than a medal in these games.