CWG 2022: Sushila Devi’s 8-year ‘exile’ ends, Manipur’s inspector ‘arrested’ another medal

Indian Judo player Sushila Devi won silver medal in Commonwealth Games 2022. Sushila is the only Indian female judoka to have won a medal in the CWG.

Sushil Devi won medal in Commonwealth Games

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After waving the flag of victory in weightlifting, now another daughter of India has helped the country Commonwealth Games Won medal in talking about Judoka Sushila Devi Who has put a silver medal in India’s bag in Birmingham. Sushila Devi won this medal in the 48 kg category of Judo. Sushila lost to South African Judoka in the fine held on Monday 1 August. This player of Manipur reached the final after defeating Priscilla Morand. In this way, after 8 years, Sushila has again won a medal in CWG. However, his wait for Gold continued this time as well.

Sushila Devi’s second medal in Commonwealth Games

Let us tell you that Sushila Devi has participated in the Commonwealth Games for the second time. For the first time she had landed in the games held in Glasgow. In 2014, Sushila won the silver medal. With this, she became the first Indian female judoka to win a medal at the Commonwealth Games. But the last time judo was not a sport in the 2018 Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast, so Sushila Devi could not participate. But now after a full 8 years, Sushila Devi got a chance to prove herself in the Commonwealth Games and she also managed to do it.

journey of sushila devi

Sushila Devi is from Manipur. Born in the year 1995, Sushila started judo training at the age of just 8. His uncle himself has been an international judo player. At the same time, his elder brother is a two-time gold medalist in Judo, who currently works in BSF. Sushila Devi herself got the job of Manipur Police in 2017 and is currently working as an Inspector. This lady inspector of Manipur Police has now done wonders in Birmingham.

Sushila Devi is the legendary Judoka of India

Talking about Sushila Devi, she is one of the greatest judoka of India. This player had qualified in the Tokyo Olympics in the year and she is the only player in Indian history to achieve this feat. Apart from this, Sushila Devi won gold in the year 2019 Commonwealth Judo Championship. This player won the silver medal in the Asian Open Championship 2018 and 2019. However, last year at the Tashkent Grand Slam, Sushila was eliminated after losing in the second round. But now he has shown his mettle in Birmingham.