CWG 2022: The journey of medalists is not easy, a new story written by overcoming struggles

Indian players performed brilliantly in the Commonwealth Games held in Birmingham. Many of these players were such for whom the journey even here was not easy.

Jeremy Lalrinnunga and Achinta Sheuli won gold medals at the Commonwealth Games.

Bikram Vohra

weightlifter Achinta Sheuli Take it only. After the death of his father, his elder brother Alok did every small and big job for the family’s livelihood. In these eight years, he gave up his dreams for his brother. Today he can proudly say that he made the accident possible. Shuli hoisted the tricolor in the Commonwealth.

Avinash Sable comes from a farmer family. He completed 12th and took the post of NCO in the famous Mahar Regiment. He lost 20 kilos, slimmed himself down and almost broke the Kenyan athletes’ monopoly in long-distance races since 1994 to get closer to the gold medal. Seeing one of those great moments of performance from India in international games, the whole of India was immersed in fun.

hard work achieved

He comes from a very simple family. The irony is that he had no intention of reaching them, far from touching the stars. Hailing from a farming family, Avinash used to run six kilometers every day to school and back, as there was no means of transport.

Neetu Ganghas, who won the gold medal in boxing, also faced difficulties in life. But his father, who was a low-paid bill collector in the Haryana Vidhan Sabha, fought against a highly conservative society and made him such that he defeated every contestant.

Vijay’s passion came work

Only his passion won the judoka Vijay Kumar Yadav, who won a bronze medal for India in the below 60 kg weight category. Poverty could not stop them. His father Dashrath Yadav is a marginal farmer who till recently worked as a temporary welder. But behind Vijay’s passion, the whole family stood behind him.

Jeremy’s father struggles

Jeremy Lalrinnunga is a gold medalist in weightlifting from Mizoram. His father worked as a contract laborer in the Public Works Department to support his family. But like others, he also stood with his son to go and get the medal under his control. Today he is the hero of Aizawl.

Sushila Devi is an example

We have the example of Sushila Devi Likambam from Assam itself, who was doing all kinds of work to meet the necessities of life. He had to take loans to travel around the world in sporting events. His brother was heard saying, “We have a farm in name only. It is a small piece of land where we grow vegetables for the family. If anything is left, we sell it. But that is not enough.”

The loan he had taken now seems to be getting back to him with interest. Similarly, the silver medalist of Judo is Tulika Mann. His mother, a sub-inspector in Delhi Police, raised him alone. Due to no one to watch at home, many times he had to stay with his mother in the police station as a child. Money has always been a big hurdle for training, but together with a strong mother, she won the big battle.

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