CWG 2022: Won medal but now Indian weightlifters are in danger

The performance of Indian weightlifters in the Commonwealth Games 2022 has been amazing. However, along with winning the medal, he also got hurt, which is a matter of concern for him.

In the Commonwealth Games 2022, the injury to the weightlifters should not be heavy!

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Unnati Gosain

Birmingham Commonwealth Games 2022 During this, Indian weightlifters are returning with medals as well as injuries. After taking a 10kg lead at the end of the snatch category, India’s Jeremy Lalrinnunga pulled a thigh muscle during the warm-up, which got worse during his second clean and jerk lift. As he returned for his final lift, he felt a stretch in his forearm, causing the barbell to drop from his hand. During Sunday’s final, his pain had increased so much that it had become difficult for him to walk straight. And after his sixth attempt, he needed help to get off the stage.

There is a big danger looming over the weightlifters

Sanket Sargar, who won India’s first medal in weightlifting at the Birmingham Commonwealth Games, was also injured. As he went for his second lift in the clean and jerk, a sound came from his right elbow. When he reached the backroom, he was in severe pain. He was unable to even stand and fell on his back to the floor, where he was looked after by the India coach. Then he appeared on the podium with a big sling in his right hand.

Can these injuries be lifelong?

Dr. Prateek Gupta, who practices at Orthopaedic And Sports Med Center With Physiotherapy And Rehabilitation, Safdarjung Development Area, said that it depends on how we treat the injury. “If the player is well taken care of and completes the treatment, the chances of lifelong trouble are slim,” he said. But, if he does not give the required time for the injury to heal, it may result against the player.

Sometimes serious injuries start out as minor injuries. Doctors catch many injuries caused by overuse, such as tendonitis and stress fracture, very quickly. If they are not treated or neglected, they can take serious forms. “Going back on the field after partial healing can lead to another injury, which can further prolong the healing process.” And these gradual injuries can become lifelong, as they take the same amount of time to heal.

Can these injuries be fatal?

Death from injuries sustained during sports is not common. It is most likely to occur during a head injury. Dr. Gupta said that usually these injuries are not fatal. He also said, ‘But these can prove to be a threat to career and physical activities.’ These injuries can also limit physical activity, he said.

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in this matter weightlifting May cause significant muscle and bone related injuries, such as fracture, dislocation, spondylolisthesis, intervertebral disc herniation and meniscal injury of the knee. According to one study, lower body injuries are most likely (42 percent) to occur during sports. 30.3 percent of injuries occur in the upper extremities and 16.4 percent of injuries occur in the head and neck.