Cycling coach RK Sharma proved guilty of ‘inappropriate behavior’ with female player, SAI terminated the contract

Cycling coach’s contract terminated by Sai (representative picture)

SAI has decided to recall the entire Indian team that went to Slovenia to participate in training and competitions after a woman cyclist accused head coach RK Sharma of inappropriate behavior.

Sports Authority of India (Sports Authority Of India) Cycling coach acting on a preliminary report of an inquiry committee following allegations of inappropriate behavior by a female cyclist during a training cum tournament in Slovenia RK Sharma (RK Sharma) terminated the contract. SAI said the inquiry committee constituted after the complaint found that the allegations of the woman cyclist were true. SAI said that SAI had set up an inquiry committee to hear the complaint of a national level cyclist for unfair treatment against the coach during their overseas tour of Slovenia organized by the Cycling Federation of India.

The committee submitted its preliminary report today and prima facie a case has been made out and the allegations of the athlete have been found to be true. The coach was hired on the recommendation of the Cycling Federation of India (CFI), which had a contract with SAI, the statement said. Following the report, SAI terminated the coach’s contract with immediate effect.

The entire team was called back due to security

SAI said the committee would continue the detailed investigation in the matter and submit a final report. The complainant was part of an Indian team consisting of five men and one woman. The team went to Slovenia on 15 May and was to return on 14 June. SAI had already called back the cyclist who had complained. The female cyclist had informed SAI about the coach’s inappropriate behavior during her stay in Slovenia and she was so scared that she was in danger of her life.

Female player forced to share room

The complainant claimed that the coach forced her to share the hotel room on the pretext that the accommodation was arranged on the basis of accommodation of two persons in a single room. Sai later arranged a separate room for this player at his request, but due to resistance the coach did not take him to Germany for an event with other team members. The complaint said the coach threatened the cyclist that he would ruin her career by removing her from the National Center of Excellence (NCOE) if she did not sleep with him. The cyclist then decided to leave the training camp keeping his safety in mind. However, it is revealed that Sai had actually arranged a separate room for her as she was the only female member of the crew and there was no need for her to share the room with anyone.