Daggubati Venkatesh’s Rana Naidu matches with Mirzapur, know what are the similarities

Rana Naidu Vs Mirzapur: Rana Naidu, the web series released on Netflix, is being compared to Mirzapur. Let us read why these two series are different despite being similar.

Rana Naidu, Mirzapur

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Mumbai : OTT Platform netflix Famous web series released on Rana Naidu There is a lot of discussion. Two super stars of South film industry in this series Venkatesh Daggubati And Rana Daggubati is seen in the lead role. Some viewers have liked the series very much, while some people are not liking the characters of South actors and their dialogues at all. Some OTT users are comparing this series with Mirzapur.

Let us tell you, Mirzapur, which was released on Prime Video, was well-liked by the people, but Venkatesh’s character in ‘Rana Naidu’ is also facing a lot of criticism. In both Rana Naidu and Mirzapur series, many adult scenes, raw language and innumerable profanity have been used. Although one series has got only love from the people, the other series is also facing hatred along with love.

Audience has objection to the language used in the film

In Mirzapur, people do not have any problem with adultery and profanity, then why Rana Naidu, who follows the same trend, is being criticized, the answer to this question is very interesting. We have seen many actors seen in Mirzapur before playing negative characters. That’s why the audience watching Mirzapur on the web series did not find that series objectionable.

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Venkatesh fans are angry

Talking about Rana Naidu, Venkatesh is making his debut in the world of OTT with this series. Along with Telugu, the image of senior actor Venkatesh of the entire South film industry has always been clear on the screen. Crores of his fans consider Venkatesh as their inspiration. Every film of his so far has been made for the family. This is the reason why seeing his favorite actors in this avatar was no less than a shock for him.

The choice of South audience is different

South’s audience is always used to seeing their hero in the role of ideal son, ideal husband. That’s why he did not like dark stories like Rana Naidu. Talking about Mirzapur, many crime-based films have been made in the Hindi film industry even before this. This is the reason that despite being similar, the reactions received by this series are quite different.

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Giving such a role to a mass hero like Venkatesh in a sensitive series like Rana Naidu was wrong. Especially when Venkatesh’s name is common in every house in South India and Venkatesh is considered the family hero of Tollywood.

Because of this the audience got shocked

Netflix did not skimp on Rana Naidu’s production, but as far as publicity is concerned, it did not try to reach the audience of South films. Prime Video always takes special care that their content reaches the common man and that’s why their public relations team works hard, but Netflix’s team is far behind in this matter. If the audience had been prepared for the new avatar of Venkatesh by Netflix, then this series would have told a different picture.