Death Anniversary: ​​Radhika remembered her onscreen father Irrfan, won hearts with emotional note

A year has been completed today by saying goodbye to Irfan Khan to this world. On this day, Irfan lost his battle against cancer, after which the heart of his fans was severely broken.

Actually, when he started getting the fruits of his years of hard work, luck took away his life from him. By remembering about this, the eyes of fans today become moist. He is remembering all his co-stars on his death anniversary today. Actress Radhika Madan, who played Irfan’s daughter in the English medium, wrote an emotional note remembering Irrfan, which might make the eyes moist after reading.

Seeing their unique performance, it seems that this kind of actress is still in our midst. But I wish! It would be true

Radhika writes “I remember that I used to play with his beard before the shot and he told me that you know that maybe that’s why ‘Champak’ won’t cut his beard … I said, really! And we started laughing ..

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We had created our own pool of memories, our own bubble… where there were no words. Where there used to be silence. Where I was trying hard not to be like a fan girl. I used to tell them that ‘I want to learn everything from you’ and they used to teach me about the art of living genes every day.

Irfan is the name to wonderfully teach the definition of infinite love and peace. People will keep remembering this divine character till their age. You will always be missed Irfan

Even though in the same film, the right actress Radhika Madan learned a lot from Irrfan Khan and will always remember the moments spent with her in her heart. In the year 2018, Irrfan Khan was diagnosed with neuroendocrine cancer and on 29 April 2020, he said goodbye to this world.

Kareena Kapoor also remembered

Kareena Kapoor, who worked in the same film with Irrfan, has also shared her shooting experiences with him. Kareena has told that the level of well-known artists she was, was more soft than the heart and supportive of everyone. In his last time, working with him, no one felt that Irfan had fought such a long battle with cancer.

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