Debate: Ravindra Jadeja is a world class all-rounder, so he should be treated with respect

Ravindra Jadeja out of IPL 2022. Injury was given as the reason for his exit.

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The way Dhoni and the team management treated Jadeja and the way he was dropped from the captaincy, he may have seen the end of his strongest and most loyal player.

Nikhil Narayan

Ravindra Jadeja as the captain of Chennai Super Kings (Ravindra Jadeja) The start was not great, but at least the management should have supported him for the entire season. MS Dhoni to Jadeja (MS Dhoni) Under his leadership, he was being groomed as the future leader of the franchise and he should have remained with them even after a modest start in the tournament. Reports suggested that the all-rounder was keen to stay at the top, but was asked to step down due to his declining performance and lack of coordination between bat and ball, which led to the tournament. Chennai Super Kings (Chennai Super Kings) The performance was being adversely affected. MSD’s statement did not help in the matter after Jadeja stepped down as captain. Basically his statement showed that he was unprepared for the role and the pressure of leading a successful team like CSK affected his performance as an all-rounder.

Dhoni said, ‘I think Jadeja knew in the last season that he will captain this year. For the first two games, I watched his work and let him go for later. I insisted that he would take his own decisions and responsibility. You can’t spoon-feed them everything. Once you become the captain, it means a lot of expectations are placed on you and it can affect the performance of the player and take over his mind, which I think happened to him. I think the captaincy put pressure on his preparation and performance.

Not only did CSK not back any of their biggest loyalists, but they also sparked widespread speculation citing fitness concerns in a crucial match against the Capitals in Navi Mumbai. Shortly after, Jadeja was ruled out of this edition due to a rib injury, ending a disastrous tournament for the veteran all-rounder. To add fuel to the fire, CSK’s Instagram handle unfollowed Jadeja and reports in some dailies indicated a rift between him and the management.

Trusting Dhoni could be CSK’s big mistake, a step back, especially knowing that he might not be available as a player next season. Not only this, it was not only short-sightedness, but all this is going to end Jadeja’s future as a CSK leader. It won’t be a surprise if he doesn’t appear in the yellow jersey next season. The way Dhoni and the team management treated Jadeja and the way he was dropped from the captaincy, he may have seen the end of his strongest and most loyal player.

It was the right decision to leave Jadeja’s captaincy in the interest of the team: Atishay Jain

Ravindra Jadeja was made the captain of the team when Mahendra Singh Dhoni stepped down earlier this season, but he could only manage 112 runs in the first eight matches at a poor strike rate of 121.73. His form with the ball also saw a sharp decline and failed to control the middle overs, taking just five wickets. All-rounder Jadeja was breaking down under the pressure and burden of captaincy and defending champions CSK lost 6 out of 8 matches under his leadership.

Dhoni and the management had no option but to ask the all-rounder to step down and it was the right decision keeping in mind the larger interest of the team. This was the obvious and only option considering the return of MS Dhoni. If we look at the history of T20 franchise and international cricket, Dhoni proves to be the most successful leader in times of crisis. He has four titles for CSK, the playoffs in every season except 2020, so Dhoni’s recall was the right decision to get the team out of the bad phase. CSK CEO, Kasi Viswanathan also backed the decision to reinstate MS Dhoni as captain, saying on NDTV, “It will always be a smooth process.” Ultimately, the decision is taken by the team management. We do not interfere in this. This is a decision. Take it yourself They must have spoken and taken a decision.

It was not a move for the future, but considering the poor start to the season for CSK, it was damage-control and the best available option with the management. Jadeja will be back for CSK next season without the burden of captaincy and we will expect the ‘finisher’ and the ‘master-restrictor’ to deliver their best performances in the yellow jersey.

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