Deepak Chahar was initially disappointed, fellow players

Deepak Chahar, the fast bowler of the Indian cricket team, often remains in discussions about his bowling. but, Sri Lanka This player, who came to play in the second match, had to face only disappointment because of his fellow cricketers. He is known only for his sharp bowling in IPL. Whose power he showed in the beginning of today’s match as well. But, because of Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Manish Pandey, he could not get that success.

Fast bowling got disappointment from fellow players

The fast bowler, who often puts pressure on the opposition team, has been seen bowling brilliantly for CSK in the IPL. However, his performance in the second ODI against Sri Lanka faded. The reason for this failure was not himself but his own fellow players. In the second ODI against Sri Lanka, he could have achieved two big successes in his very first over. But, it was not possible due to poor fielding.

Deepak Chahar’s ball was first disappointed by Manish Pandey leaving the catch. After this Bhuvneshwar Kumar also repeated the same view. In the very first over, he missed the wicket of Minod Bhanuka. On the last ball of this over, he troubled left-handed batsman Minod Bhanuka with his swing balls. After this the ball took the outer edge of his bat and went to second slip. But Manish Pandey standing there dropped the catch.

After Manish Pandey, Bhuvi also made the same mistake

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The ball came to the right of Manish Pandey and he tried to catch the ball with just one hand. Due to which he proved unsuccessful in this attempt. Pandey’s name comes in the list of the best fielders in the world. In such a situation, the audience and fans did not expect him to make such a mistake. After this, Deepak Chahar had made full way to take a wicket on the second ball of his second over. But, he again failed to do so.

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In fact, in the second over, he threw the ball at the feet of Avishya Fernando which he flicked. The ball went towards Bhuvneshwar Kumar standing at square leg. He extended his hand to catch this catch. But, he could not do so. Bhuvneshwar was standing well ahead of the boundary line and the ball went over him. During that time, if he was standing on the boundary, he could have easily caught the ball.

Deepak Chahar was very disappointed after losing two catches to the fielders. After this, he gave 25 runs in 3 overs in the spell. If Bhuvi and Manish had taken the catch, their figures would not have been so bad.

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