Defamation Case: During the trial of defamation case, Amber Heard’s lawyer alleges – Johnny Depp sexually harassed the actress

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp

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Let us tell you that Johnny Depp filed a defamation suit against the actress in the Fairfax County Circuit Court in the year 2018 after Amber Heard wrote an op-ed in The Washington Post.

Hollywood Superstar Johnny Depp (Johnny Depp) The troubles are not taking the name of ending. At the Fairfax County Courthouse in Virginia Johnny Depp And and his ex-wife Amber Heard (Amber Heard) A defamation case is going on between On Tuesday, lawyers for Amber Heard accused Johnny Depp of sexually assaulting Amber Heard during a defamation case trial. During the civil trial in the court, Amber Heard’s lawyer J. Benjamin Rottenborn told the jury hearing the case that behind the popularity and the pirate costume, you will see who the real Johnny Depp is. Since this case has brought John Depp, now all this is going to come to the fore. The case will likely last for six weeks.

Amber Heard wrote an article against Johnny Depp

Let us tell you that in the year 2018, Johnny Depp filed a defamation suit against the actress in Fairfax County Circuit Court after Amber Heard wrote an op-ed in The Washington Post. In this article, without naming Johnny, Heard gave the title – Public Figure Representing Domestic Abuse.

During the hearing, both Johnny Depp and Amber Heard were present in the court. In court, Johnny Depp said that this article was written in the context of allegations of domestic violence leveled against him by Amber Heard in 2016, which indirectly tarnishes his image. Not only this, Johnny Depp also denied the allegations, in which it was claimed that he had abused Amber Heard.

There was a lot of debate between the two sides

In the hearing that began on Tuesday, Amber Heard’s lawyer said that we will show evidence that Johnny Depp physically and sexually assaulted Amber Heard on several occasions. He told the jury members that if they focused on the basics of libel law, they would not need to referee themselves in the couple’s turbulent marriage.

He also said that the 2018 article didn’t hurt Johnny Depp’s reputation at all. Allegations of abuse became public only two years ago. He said that Depp’s fast-paced career was the result of his drinking and drug abuse, which made him an unreliable commodity for Hollywood studios. Johnny Depp’s team of lawyers argued before the jury that Amber Heard’s article was an example of “Defamation by Implication”.

After hearing both the sides, the jury has fixed the next hearing of this case on next Monday. A civil jury of seven members and four alternate members have been selected to hear the matter on Monday.