Dehli Capitals took a big decision, Rishabh Pant will be the captain

IPL 2021 It is starting from 19th September and before that Delhi Capitals has given a big update about Rishabh Pant. In fact, before the start of the league, all the franchises are solving their every problem. Almost all the preparations have been done for the second phase of this league. Now an update has been given regarding the captaincy. What is the full news related to this, we are going to tell you through this special report. Whose fans were eagerly waiting.

Pant will remain the captain of Dehli Capitals in the second half as well.

In the first phase, the captain of the team that won the first place in the points table under the captaincy of Rishabh Pant has been announced. Actually Shreyas Iyer has returned in the second half of IPL after recovering from injury problem. In such a situation, the question was repeatedly arising in the minds of the fans that, the captaincy will be handed over to Iyer again? Or else everything will continue as in the first phase.

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Finally, now Delhi Capitals themselves have made it clear that who will handle the captaincy in the second season. Recently, the franchise has made a tweet related to this on social media. Through which it has been told that, for now, only Pant will be retained as the captaincy. Yes, that means Iyer will be seen playing in the second phase as a player. What is the intention of the team behind this, it has not been disclosed yet.

The franchise announced through social media

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Delhi Capitals has announced the captaincy by sharing a post on their official Instagram. Sharing a picture of Rishabh Pant, the team wrote in the caption that, ‘The franchise co-owned by JSW-GMR has today announced that Pant will continue as the captain in the remaining matches of IPL 2021’. The wicketkeeper’s fans are very happy after the decision of the franchise.

Even before the start of the first leg, Iyer was injured in his shoulder. Who had to undergo surgery. In such a situation, he could not be a part of the first season of IPL 2021. In this situation, Delhi Capitals handed over the command of the team to Rishabh Pant. The wicketkeeper took this opportunity well and that is the reason, the franchise is sitting in the first place in the points table. Last year, under the captaincy of Iyer, the team reached the finals. But the dream of winning the trophy was shattered by losing to Mumbai.

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