Delete these apps from your phone immediately, stealing banking details

Sharkbot Malware: Alarm bells have rung again for Android users, as many apps stealing data from people’s phones in the name of file manager have been revealed, which may still be present in your phone. These apps have been downloaded by thousands of users from Google Play Store. The name of this malware is Sharkbot Trojan, which helps hackers to steal personal and financial data of users.

Bitdefender, a company providing cybersecurity products and services, has information Granted that there were many such apps on the Google Play Store, which were affected by the Sharkbot Trojan. It has also been told that when the developers put the apps on the Play Store, there was no trojan in them, but later trojans were being inserted in these apps through remote sources. The worrying thing was that these apps were file manager apps, which by their nature ask users for data access of the phone and users easily give access without doubting.

point out that sharkbot malware It is a very dangerous Trojan, which steals people’s banking details. These malware pose as real-looking banking log-in forms, which unsuspecting users fill out, leaving their vital login details in dangerous hands. Bitdefender shared this information with Google, after which Google has removed this file manager apps from the store, but the banking details of users whose smartphones still have these apps are at risk.

According to the report, the X-File Manager app developed by Victor Soft Ice LLC is the first of these apps, which has been downloaded more than 10,000 times from the Google Play Store. Although it has been removed by Google, but if it is still in your phone, we would advise you to uninstall it immediately. Another such suspicious app is File Voyager, developed by Julia Soft Io LLC. This app had been downloaded more than 5 thousand times. The third app was called Lite Cleaner M.