Delhi government woke up after IAS’s ‘shameful’ act, now practice will be held at Thyagaraj Stadium till 10 pm

Manish Sisodia’s tweet on Tyagaraja Stadium case

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Players and coaches made serious allegations against Delhi Chief Secretary (Revenue) Sanjeev Khirwal, saying that he could walk with his dog in the Thyagraj Stadium, so the athletes were asked to leave.

Tyagaraja Stadium (Delhi Thyagraj Stadium) In the evening, after 7 pm, the Delhi government has been seen coming into action on the issue of no entry of players. Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia (Manish Sidodia) Taking cognizance of this news, took to Twitter and said that they came to know about the inconveniences being faced by the players. Also told that CM Arvind Kejriwal Delhi Government (Delhi Government) Orders have been given to keep all the stadiums open for the players till 10 pm. In fact, earlier, players and coaches had made serious allegations against Delhi Chief Secretary (Revenue) Sanjeev Khirwal, saying that he could walk with his dog in the Thyagaraj Stadium, so the athletes were asked to step out, whose It had an impact on his daily practice.

According to the allegations made by the players and the coach, they were asked to vacate the Tyagaraja Stadium by 7 pm. Whereas earlier it was not so. Earlier, he used to practice till 8:30 in the night. Players and coaches say that their practice was being disrupted by this. And, this was being done only so that Sanjeev Khirwal could walk in the stadium with his dog.

The stadium administrator is not aware of the official’s walk

Tyagaraja Stadium administrator Ajit Choudhary told The Indian Express that he was not aware that any government officials were using the facilities after 7 pm. He told that the official time of practice in the stadium for the players in the evening is from 4 to 6 pm. In view of the heat, however, the practice has been allowed till 7 pm.

Now players will be able to practice till 10 pm- Delhi Government

However, after the report came out, now that the matter has caught fire, the Delhi government has also woken up. He has taken a stand regarding the inconvenience being caused to the players. And it has ensured that they will now be able to practice players in stadiums under the Delhi government at least till 10 pm.

At the same time, a statement has also come from Khirwar’s side on this whole matter. He said, “I will never ask any player to leave the stadium. He also said that I go to the stadium only when the athletes leave from there. I also leave dogs open only when no one is there. Why would I do this with an athlete there? He said that if there is still something objectionable in it, then I will stop it.