Demand to declare Taliban a terrorist organization in America, Republican MPs introduced important bill

Republican Party lawmakers have demanded that the Taliban be given the status of a terrorist organization. He has further said that there are several cabinet members in the government led by this group in Afghanistan who have been declared terrorists by the United Nations.

The lawmakers also demanded that sanctions be imposed against countries that recognize Afghanistan’s Taliban-led government. Senator Marco Rubio and other lawmakers introduced a bill called the ‘Law on Recognition of Terrorist Countries’ asking the US Secretary of State to recognize the “illegal Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan” as a sponsor of terrorism and the Taliban as a terrorist organization. Give.

what if the bill is passed

If the bill is passed and becomes law, it will also impose sanctions against individuals who knowingly helped the Taliban. The US government must also ensure that taxpayer money does not go to foreign terrorist organizations in Afghanistan.

“There is no doubt that Taliban-controlled Afghanistan is a direct threat to our national security interests, to our allies and partners in the Middle East and Central Asia,” Rubio said.

“With the Biden administration’s unfortunate withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, that country is becoming a safe haven for terrorists who hate America,” he said. Unfortunately, there is no reason to think that President Biden will treat the Taliban as terrorists. Congress must deal with this new reality and take steps to protect the people of America.

Rising anger against Biden

Apart from this, anger is also increasing in the country about President Joe Biden. People in his hometown Pennsylvania are openly demonstrating this anger. There are billboards here and his Biden is depicted with a rocket launcher just like a Taliban terrorist.

Biden was born in the state of Pennsylvania. In such a situation, this anger of the people here can be heart-wrenching for them. It is written on the billboards ‘Making the Taliban great again’ and with it is a picture of Biden.

According to US media reports, former Pennsylvania Senator Scott Wagner is the brain behind Billboard’s AIDS. In fact, Wagner has been openly expressing displeasure over the US response to the situation in Afghanistan for the past several days. It is being told that Wagner has spent about $15,000 for these AIDS so that his anger can come in front of everyone.

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