Deposit 127 rupees for your daughter, full 27 lakh rupees will be available at the time of marriage, along with complete security guarantee.

In this era of Corona, everyone is worried about his future. Especially regarding the future of their children. If God does not do something wrong then how will the future of his children be safe? In such a situation, the worry of the father who has a daughter increases further. He thinks who will bear the cost of his marriage and studies. If you have a child too, you do not need to worry anymore. Today, you are going to tell about one such policy of the country’s largest insurance company LIC, which will completely remove your worry.

Actually, LIC’s policy in the market is sold in the name of Kanyadaan policy. However, in reality there is no such scheme. Actually it is a customized version of LIC’s Jeevan Lakshya Policy. It is called the Kanyadaan scheme to sell agent policy to more and more people. It attracts people more towards the policy.

Full guarantee of money security

The special feature of this policy is that it guarantees the security of capital with fixed income. In this, 27 lakh rupees are received on depositing 127 rupees daily. The special thing about this policy is that this plan is for 25 years, but you have to pay the premium only for 22 years.

The scheme will continue free even after the death of the father

The family will not have to pay any premium if the insured dies in the middle of this scheme. At the same time, the daughter will get 1 lakh rupees every year during the remaining years of the policy..To take this policy, the minimum age should be 30 years and the daughter’s age should be one year. This will reduce the time limit of this policy according to the daughter’s age. This policy can also be taken for less or more premium.

These benefits will be available

After taking this policy, if the insured dies from an accident in the middle, then the family gets the entire 20 lakh rupees together. A minimum insurance of one lakh rupees is available on this policy. There is no maximum limit. In this policy, if the account holder pays the premium for 3 consecutive years and the account is active then the loan can be taken. It is opened in the name of the daughter’s guardian. The policy has the condition of paying 18 years premium.

You will get 27 lakh rupees like this

In this policy of LIC, you have to deposit 3810 rupees every month. In this way, you will have to save 127 rupees every day .. After depositing Rs 3810 every month, you will get 27 lakh rupees after 25 years. To take this policy, you will have to provide documents like Aadhaar card, income certificate, one of the identity cards, address proof, birth certificate and passport size photo.

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