Despite being a government school, students forced to study in Anganwadi, this is the condition of Education Minister’s city

MP News: The future of children studying in government schools in Shajapur city is looking dark. The condition of the school buildings here has become absolutely dilapidated. Because of this, the children have to face a lot of trouble.

children studying in anganwadi

Image Credit source: Tv9 Network

MP School News: Schools in Shajapur city of Madhya Pradesh are running only on God’s trust. This is the home area of ​​state education minister Inder Singh Parmar. You will be stunned to see the condition of the schools in Shajapur. There is a school building in Kukdi Kukdeshwar village near Shajapur, even after that the school Anganwadi is operating in. Let us know what is the reason for this. When the team of TV9 Bharatvarsh reached the village, they saw that the condition of the school was dilapidated. The school building was built but it has reached a dilapidated condition.

When the team spoke to the principal of the school, he said that the school building is still standing. In the rains, water gets filled around the school and water gets filled inside the school as well. After several days, the water filled in the school comes out. Sometimes there is water in the school for months. There is a lot of difficulty in teaching children during the rainy season.

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Compulsion to set up school in Anganwadi

The principal said that neither the children are able to sit properly in the school nor the children are able to study. Due to the water getting filled around the school, the children are not able to come to the school and it is our compulsion to set up the school in the Anganwadi. He told that children’s education is not done properly in Anganwadi. Children, don’t we also feel like working in Anganwadi because the work of Anganwadi is also done in Anganwadi. We have complained many times, but till now no solution has been found.

On the other hand, if we talk about other government schools, then their condition is also visible in a similar way. Water troughs have been made by the government in many schools. But despite having a water fountain, the children are yearning for water because the condition of the water fountain installed in the school seems to be getting worse. In many schools, water bowls are broken and in many schools there is no water despite having water bowls.

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children sweeping schools

There is a government school where the children studying are being made to clean by the principal. The children are cleaning the school everyday. When the principal was asked about this, he said that if there are no children in the school, will we plant them? Somewhere in a dilapidated building and somewhere in the Anganwadi, how are the little children getting their education.

It is a matter to think, on the one hand the government is building big CM Rise schools, and on the other hand the schools that have been built. They are not able to take care of themselves. All this situation is in the field of State Education Minister Inder Singh Parmar. How the future of the country is getting its education in the home area of ​​the minister is a matter to think about.