Dharm Yoddha Garud Spoilers: The big responsibility of bringing Sun flower entrusted to Garuda, will Vinata’s son succeed?

The big responsibility of bringing the Sun flower handed over to Garuda

A show based on the life of “Garud” has not yet been made in the world of TV. With the mythological TV serial “Dharma Yoddha Garuda”, the makers are telling an interesting story to the audience.

In Sony SAB TV show Dharam Yoddha Garuda, we will see the vicious Kadru. eagle (Faisal Khan) has been given the impossible task of bringing Sunflower from the court of Suryadev. Kadru expected that Garuda’s wings would burn when he approached the sun god, but he had little idea that Garuda was accompanied by his Nagabandhus, who were half-burnt later, while Garuda did not get any scratches. . The journey of Garuda towards the court of Suryadev becomes very interesting, because on the way he meets Shani Dev and while talking to him, Garuda learns that he is the son of Suryadev.

Garuda understands that “Due to the anger of Suryadev towards his mother Chhaya, Shani Dev is estranged from his father’s love.” However, influenced by Garuda’s indomitable enthusiasm, Shani Dev grants him a boon that he will be able to change his shape easily. In this way Garuda gets a new power and he reaches the court of Suryadev. In order to take the sun flower, Garuda reduces his size and comes in the form of a child, but he is noticed by Sandhya, the wife of Suryadev.

Will Garuda be successful in reconciling Shani Dev and Suryadev?

Garuda tries to mediate the relationship between Shanidev and Suryadev and finally when it seems that everything is all right, it is only then that he learns that his Nagabandhu has survived with great difficulty. But will Garuda be able to get the sun flower? Will Kadru’s beloved son be able to recover after half a burn? It is not yet clear. Faisal Khan, who plays the role of Garuda in the show, said, “I am very fortunate to get to play the role of Garuda, as I get to discover new facets and expand my horizons every day as an actor. Are getting.”

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Faisal Khan is very excited

Faisal Khan further said that Mythology is a different genre, but getting into the character of Garuda gives me immense pleasure both as a person and as an actor. I am constantly learning new things while doing this work. Especially for this part of the story, I got a chance to work with Diyan playing the role of Bal Garuda and I must say it was a lot of fun shooting with him. Our offscreen chemistry is well reflected on screen and this adds to the fun of our current storyline.