Did Akshay Kumar also leave Karan Johar’s support? Search for new faces for ‘Dostana 2’

There has been a ruckus about Bollywood actors Karthik Aaryan and Karan Johar. He is in discussion these days. Karan Johar has dropped Karthik Aryan from his film Dostana 2. After which Karan is looking for someone else for this role in this film. A few days ago this news came, Karan Johar has asked for help from Akshay Kumar for this film. But now it seems that Akshay has refused him for this film. After which once again the search for Karan Johar has started. Let me tell you, it is news that now Karan Johar is looking for a new face in this film.

Karan wants that after exiting Karthik, he works with a star that is new, due to which the tag of nepotism put on him should be removed a little bit. At the time when Karan Johar excluded Karthik from this film, people trolled him a lot on social media. People again accused Karan Johar of nepotism and said that you took Karthik out because of this because he does not want to follow your gestures. Because of which now Karan wants to make this film with a new face.

For many days, this fight was going on between Karthik and Karan Johar. Where now on social media too, Karan and Karthik have stopped following each other. At the same time, many trade analysts say that they refused to work in this film after the cracks in the relationship between Karthik Aryan and Jahnavi Kapoor. Because of which he has been shown the way out of this film. Recently, Karthik Aryan became Corona positive. But now the actor’s health is absolutely right.

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