Did Kamala Harris’ first foreign trip ‘fail’? Know why Democratic allies are also raising questions

The story of US Vice President Kamala Harris’s first overseas trip had set off the narrative of a failure in Washington DC even before her plane landed at Joint Base Andrews on Wednesday. Off the record, Biden aides and even some close to Harris said they view his visits to Guatemala and Mexico as a “failure”. He said he was surprised that Kamala Harris was unprepared to handle basic immigration questions.

The most important question to him, repeatedly asked by Republicans and the media, was, ‘Why didn’t you go to the US-Mexico border?’ She should have been prepared for the answer, but when this question was asked, she appeared confused. Harris’ answer to this question put people in the Democratic Party in trouble inside and outside the White House. A longtime Biden aide went so far as to say, ‘I don’t know how she wasn’t preparing for these questions,’ ‘That was too bad.’

Harris became irritable at the press conference

Kamala’s answer has put Biden in the dock with new questions. White House aides pointed to a number of comments that have provided a new easy talking point for critics of the Harris and Biden administrations. Harris’ remarks at a press conference on Monday, where he asked migrants not to ‘come’ to the border – were criticized by members of Harris’s party, with Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez saying that Harris had given migrants quite the wrong signal. sent it.

Then the next day, in an interview with NBC News, when Harris was repeatedly asked if she was going to visit the border, Harris said, “we’re going to go over the border and now… we’re across the border.” ” When NBC News told her she hadn’t gone to the border, Harris responded with an irritating expression, ‘I haven’t been to Europe?’

Harris’ comments ‘worrisome’

The comment went on loop on news networks and was heavily criticized even before Harris left Mexico City for Washington. Even Jimmy Fallon of The Tonight Show played the clip on Tuesday night and took a jibe at the comment! On this the audience present in the studio started laughing.

One Democratic strategist said that clearly ‘the vice president’s response to the issue shows the failure of his adviser’s strategy. It is clear that Harris failed on his first trip abroad. Democratic strategist Christy Setzer acknowledged that Harris’ comments were “worrisome for Biden and the Democratic Party”.

Immigration issue challenging for Harris

Political observers say it will be important for Harris to see how she handles it in the coming months, but one strategist said immigration will pose a challenge for Harris in the coming months. He said political opponents of this administration have a vested interest in turning it into a controversy, even if one doesn’t exist and I know Harris’s team is well aware of this.

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