DID Supermom: 6-month-old pregnant contestant Smriti Arora reached the audition of DID Supermom, all the judges were stunned to see her dance

6 months pregnant contestant Smriti Arora reached the audition

Dance India Dance Supermom: Remo Dsouza said that “his wife was present here with me on the shoot a day before the delivery. It is an illusion that a woman cannot work during pregnancy.

zee tv dance india dance supermom ,Dance India Dance SupermomAll the judges during the shooting in Smriti Arora, a pregnant mother of six months (Smriti Arora) giving his audition with full enthusiasm and enthusiasm. After her act, Smriti told that she not only wants to fulfill her passion for dance but also wants to clear the illusion that a woman cannot work or dance during her pregnancy. In this way, he inspired many such mothers to fulfill their dreams, which are hopeful. His performance and his thinking blew the senses of all the judges and he gave a standing ovation to Smriti.

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Know what is the meaning of memory

After her performance, Smriti Arora told that I have worked as a background dancer before and I cannot tell how much I love dance. In fact I love it so much that I can’t stop it even during my pregnancy! And this is not the first time that I am dancing in my pregnancy. I still remember when I was expecting for the first time, then I did an event in the ninth month of my pregnancy.

Smriti Arora further said that “People say that when a woman is pregnant, the child learns by staying in her womb and the same thing happened with me. My daughter also turned out to be a great dancer. I would like to say that I have not come here just to be selected. I want to erase this thinking related to pregnancy that women cannot dance or work when they are pregnant.

Remo praises

Impressed by the memory, Remo D’Souza said that, in my entire career I have not seen any such contestant who is 6 months pregnant and who has performed in front of me with so much zeal and enthusiasm. I am sure your baby too will become a little master and emerge as one of the best dancers of the future. Seeing your dedication and dedication, I remembered my wife Lizelle. When she was pregnant with our second child, she herself used to drive me here and there and do the things of her choice.”