Dima Nova died after falling from snow, this pop singer’s song used to play against President Putin

Dima Nova launched his band Cream Soda in 2012 with Ilya Gadayev. After this he also released his four studio albums.

Pop singer Dima Nova. (file photo)

Russian President Putin those who criticize with their songs pop singer dima nova Became a victim of an accident and lost his life. According to media reports, Nova was crossing a river on Sunday when he fell through the ice. During this, his brother and three friends were also present with Nova. These people were crossing the Volga River which was frozen. Meanwhile, these people fell from the snow and went down. Two of his friends survived in this accident, while one died.

According to the report, pop singer Dima Nova sang a song on Russian President Vladimir Putin, in which he strongly criticized Putin. After this song, Nova had made a lot of headlines.

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Protest against Putin in Russia

Not only this, the popularity of this song was such that people were using this song in protests against Putin in Russia. Let us tell you that this song Aqua Disco became fiercely viral, which went on the lips of the people. Its popularity was such that when Russia attacked Ukraine, some people protested against Putin. During this, the protesters sang this song to protest.

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Criticism of Putin’s bungalow

Let us inform that in this song, pop singer Dima Nova also criticized Russian President Putin’s bungalow. Actually Dima Nova’s real name was Dimitri Svirgunov. Although very few people knew him by this name.

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Incident with Dima Nova

The information about Dima Nova’s death was shared on the Instagram post of his music band Cream Soda. Confirming the death in this post, it was written that an accident happened with Dima Nova, he was crossing the Volga river with his friends, when he fell under the ice.

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death of friend

After this, on Tuesday, the music band also posted pictures of Dima and his friends and wrote that it has been officially confirmed that Dima and his friend Goshi have died. Dima launched his band Cream Soda in 2012 with Ilya Gadayev. After this he also released his four studio albums.

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