Dinesh Karthik played in 2 balls, Rishabh Pant failed in Rohit Sharma’s ‘Test’!

India vs Australia: Till now the big question was who would be one of Pant or Karthik who would be seen in the playing XI. After the Nagpur T20, probably Rohit Sharma would have got the answer to this question.

Dinesh Karthik finishes the match for India

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Everyone’s position in Team India is fixed. Everyone’s role is known to everyone. except Dinesh Karthik and Rishabh Pant K. Both have been selected as wicket-keeper batsmen in the team of T20 World Cup. But till now the big question was that who will be the one among them who will be seen in the playing XI. After the Nagpur T20, probably Rohit Sharma would have got the answer to this question. The T20 series against Australia is like preparations before the T20 World Cup. Team India’s effort is to test its strengths and understand its weaknesses. In the same episode, he has got the answer to the question of Karthik vs Pant.

Dinesh Karthik came true to the trust

After the picture seen in the second T20 played against Australia in Nagpur, Dinesh Karthik is more likely to be included in the playing XI. Actually, in the Nagpur T20 against Australia, he has passed in Rohit Sharma’s test. And the way in which he has passed, it can be said that he has also won the trust of his captain.

Rohit Sharma hugs Karthik

Now the question is whether Dinesh Karthik did this. So he has played in just 2 balls. While finishing Australia’s game, it has also left a message for Rishabh Pant that he will probably sit on the bench now. Seeing the 2-ball game and Dinesh Karthik’s match ending style through it, Rohit Sharma also got so emotional that he hugged him.

10 runs needed in the last over, match ended in 2 balls

Actually, the T20 match played in Nagpur was affected by rain. This match was played for only 8-8 overs. When Dinesh Karthik came out to bat, the match was in its final stages. In the last over, India had to score 10 runs to win. But, Dinesh Karthik did not wait for the entire over to make this 10 run. Rather, the game was over on the first two balls.

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Does Rohit trust Kartik more than Pant?

He hit a six on the first ball and a four on the second, with this the game ended. after that Rohit Sharma As soon as I woke up. He ran towards Karthik and hugged him. Surely, by doing the game over in this way, Karthik has won the trust of Rohit. By the way, only this one picture of Rohit’s trust in Karthik was not seen during the match. Apart from this, sending Karthik above Pant in his batting order also indicates the same thing.