Dispatch brought modular electric scooter, will be able to make changes according to the need, know when it will be launched

With the increasing demand for electric vehicles, there has been an influx of startups manufacturing electric automobiles. One such startup has introduced a unique electric scooter that you can use according to your need and can also modify it if needed. That is to say, it will be a scooter in which the user will be able to make changes according to his need. A startup named Dispatch has made this scooter.

Dispatch has introduced its electric scooter as the last mile scooter. While other EV companies are making traditional electric two-wheelers or electric scooters, Dispatch has taken a step apart from making modular scooters. All the scooters of the company will be made in India and will be supplied worldwide from India itself.

The testing of this electric scooter from Dispatch was going on for the last one year and now the company has introduced it in the market, a video of which has also been shared on social media. The company says that it will produce 60 lakh units of dispatch electric scooters every year. It is reported that the company has also partnered with the contract manufacturer for this. The aim of the company is to bring such a scooter in the market which will not only be less in price but will also be more useful than that. The scooter is said to hit the market in early 2023.

Talking about the design of this Dispatch E-Scooter, it has a modular body frame. It also has an LED headlamp. Daytime running LED lights are also provided in the scooter. The front cowl can be modified according to the need of the user. Apart from this, a small modular instrument cluster has also been given in it. The seat of the scooter is quite wide. The box given under the rider seat also gets a lot of space and a lot of luggage can be kept. The space for the scooter’s battery is provided under the seat itself.

Looking at the teaser that the company has released, it is known that the parts of the electric scooter can also be separated. Among the special features of Dispatch Electric Scooter is its swappable battery system. This means that the battery can be easily replaced. The scooter also supports disc brakes. According to the company, this electric scooter has been made according to the shared and commercial mobility segment.



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