Divorced from first wife, then had secretly married childhood friend Arijit, read Singer’s story

Singer Arijit Singh has given many hit songs. There are millions of fans of Arijit’s voice, fans remember every song of his, but they know little about the singer’s personal life. The reason for this is that Arijit himself does not talk much about his personal life. Few people will know that Arijit has got 2 marriages.

First marriage Arijit married Ruprekha Banerjee in 2013, who was a co-contestant in his first reality show Gurukul with Singer. But the marriage of both did not last long and both of them separated. It was only after this that the cuckoo came in Arijit’s life.

secret wedding

After the divorce, Arijit and Koel came closer to each other. Both were already childhood friends. On one hand, where Arijit was heartbroken, Koel was also divorced and had a son. Both became each other’s support again. Arijit had secretly married Koel in which only his family and close friends of the industry were involved. Explaining the reason for hiding his marriage, Ariji said, “We got married many years ago, but we then made our relationship official with a ceremony. There were many troubles in my life. I went through my first divorce.

Arijit does not like to talk about his personal life. In an interview, when he was asked about his wife, he said that I do not like to talk on personal life. Even on social media, he does not post anything about his personal life.

2 children

Both Arijit and Koel are now parents of two children. One son is from Koel’s first marriage and the other is of Koel and Arijit. Arijit loves his two children very much.

Help through live concerts

Arijit recently did a virtual live concert to help the Kovid 19 victims. With this money, Singer has helped the village suffering from Kovid. This initiative was called Helping Rural India Breathe and Stay Safe.

Let us tell you that a few days ago, Arijit lost his mother. After recovering from Kovid, Arijit’s mother died due to cerebral stroke.

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