Do not search these things on Google even by mistake, you will have to go to jail with a heavy fine!

Google Search is used extensively around the world. People ask many important as well as irrelevant questions on this search engine according to their needs. Want to know the location or something about someone, read the news or ask a question, we take help of Google. But do you know that there are some searches that can land you in jail. Google releases its search report every year, where it is told that what people have searched the most around the world.

Some of these searches are on very sensitive topics. Google as well as governments and cyber police around the world have made rules regarding these, about which it is very important for you to know. That’s why here we are telling you about some such sensitive topics, which if you search on Google, you may have to go straight to jail.

child pornography

The most important and sensitive topic is child pornography, which is a very serious issue. If you search anything related to child pornography online, you can go to jail. Along with jail, a provision for heavy fine has also been kept in the rules. Of course, this is a sensitive topic and we would not advise you to search anything related to it. Many people search such things even in jest, but even this joke can be overwhelming for you. Child pornography is called child sexual abuse. In this, sensitive topics related to minor (below 18 years of age) children come.

how to make bomb

The second sensitive matter is related to Bomb. Many times people search the internet how to make bombs. This topic is also considered sensitive. By doing this you can be contacted by the police and you can be asked why you have done this. You may also have a background verification and at worst, you may end up in jail. Searching for bomb making information can put you on the radar of the country’s security agencies.<!–