Do not take admission in this medical college even by mistake! MBBS degree will not be valid

The National Medical Commission (NMC) has issued a circular regarding a medical university located abroad. It has been told that this university has not got recognition from NMC.

NMC notice regarding Medical College of Kyrgyzstan

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Every year a large number of students from India go abroad for medical studies. Most of these students go to America, Britain, Germany, China for studies. Apart from this, Indian students are also in countries like Ukraine, Russia, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan. MBBS go to. However, many times students get caught in the clutches of fake universities and ruin their future. In such a situation, the National Medical Commission (NMC) keeps issuing warnings about such universities again and again. One such warning has been issued again.

In a circular, the National Medical Commission has warned students pursuing medical degree in Kyrgyzstan about a university there. NMC has said that Avicenna International Medical University, Kyrgyzstan has not been recognized by the Medical Education Regulatory Body.

In such a situation, a letter is being circulated that Avicenna International Medical University has been recognized by the NMC, claiming that it has been recognized by the regulatory body. Students are told that this letter of recognition is completely fake. If a student completes his studies from this college, then his MBBS degree will not be considered valid.

What did NMC say?

NMC’s circular said, ‘It is informed to all that a fake letter is being circulated, in which it is being said that Avicenna International Medical University (Bishkek) has got recognition from the National Medical Commission. In such a situation, Indian students can become doctors by studying here. This letter has the signatures of the Secretary and Under Secretary of NMC.

It was further said in the circular, ‘In such a situation, it is clarified that the letter concerned is completely fake and no such letter has been issued by the National Medical Commission.’

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