Do you know the first IAS officer of India? were successful in breaking the guru of the British

Talking about the best jobs in the country today, the names of IAS and IPS come first. The dream of lakhs of students of the country is to pass the Civil Service Exam. Every year thousands of students sit for the examination, some get their hopes up, some get ready to attempt again. But do you know who was the first Indian person (Who was the first IAS officer in India), who passed this difficult exam. After all, why this exam was needed for a job in the government and how did it start. Let us give you the answers.

The Civil Services Examination in India was started in the year 1854. It was started by the British. The civil servants working for the East India Company were earlier nominated by the directors of the company. After this, he was sent for training at Haileybury College in London. It was posted in India only after completing the training from here.

This is how civil service exam started

Questions arose on this process of the East India Company. After this a proposal was introduced in the Lord Macaulay Report of the Select Committee of the British Parliament. Under this, a merit-based examination should be conducted for the selection of civil services in India. There should be a competitive examination and on the basis of that the right candidate is selected. In this way a fair process can be started. For this purpose, the Civil Service Commission was formed in London in 1854. The next year the examination started.

The British used this trick to humiliate Indians

The British set up a commission to prove themselves great. But he did not want any Indian to reach this prestigious post. Initially this exam was held only in London. The minimum age for this was 18 years and the maximum age was only 23 years. The syllabus was specially designed to fail Indians and more marks were kept in it for European Classic. The British did not want Indians to pass this test.

This Indian broke the pride of the British



In the early decade, the British felt that they had succeeded in their trick. But he had made a big mistake by underestimating the Indians. In 1864, for the first time an Indian succeeded in this examination. Satyendranath Tagore was the first Indian to clear this exam. He was the brother of the great Rabindranath Tagore. After that the success story went on. After three years, 4 Indians passed this exam together.

50 years of struggle for exams in India

Not only this, Indians had to struggle for more than 50 years that this exam should be held in India instead of London. The British government did not want more Indians to succeed in the civil service examination. But after the constant efforts and petitions of the Indians, they finally had to bow down. After the First World War, this examination started in India from 1922.

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