Donald Trump brought many important documents at home as President, now FBI raids

Donald Trump: Experts related to the matter say that this raid has been done to find the necessary documents brought home by him during his presidency.

FBI raid on Donald Trump’s house.

Image Credit source: PTI

former president of america Donald Trump Federal Bureau of Investigation ie the investigating agency at the house of FBI has raided. The name of his house is Mar e Lago. It is located on Palm Beach, Florida. Donald Trump himself has given information about this raid by issuing a statement. The experts related to the case say that this raid was their presidential term During this, to find the necessary documents brought home on their behalf. Trump is alleged to have brought some important documents to his home in the last days of the presidential term.

In a statement issued by Donald Trump on Monday, it has been said, ‘This is a time of darkness for our country. FBI agents are currently present at Mar a Lago, my beautiful home on Palm Beach, Florida. They have raided here. They are in large numbers. This has never happened to any President of America before. It is unfair to raid my house without prior information despite cooperating with government agencies.

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