Donald Trump may order an attack on China, worried that the American General had called the Chinese Military General!

A top US general had called his Chinese counterpart fearing that a war with China might flare up because of former President Donald Trump. This has been disclosed by the American newspaper Washington Post in one of its reports.

The Washington Post has written that Trump could wage war with China due to his possible defeat in the presidential elections. Because of this, American General Mark Milley spoke with General Lee Jusheng of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) in October 2020. General Milley spoke to the Chinese general twice over the phone. General Mille is the Joint Chief of Staff.

When did General Miley call

General Mille made the first phone call 4 days before the start of the presidential elections in America. After this, the second phone call was made on January 8, two days after the riots in the US Capitol. In his phone calls, General Milley assured the Chinese general that America was stable and would not attack him. If there is going to be an attack, he will inform his Chinese counterpart about it ahead of time.

The Washington Post has written this report based on the new book ‘Peril’ by journalists Bob Woodward and Robert Costa. Woodward and Costa have said that they wrote this book after interviews with 200 sources. This book will be released next week. In his statement, Trump has expressed apprehension about the things said in this report. He has called this story a concoction. He says that if whatever is written is true, then General Miley should be tried for treason. Trump has said, “For the record, let me tell you that I never thought of attacking China.”

request to remove the general

General Mille’s office has also refused to comment on this. Republican Senator Marco Rubio has asked President Joe Biden to immediately oust General Milley.

Rubio has written a letter requesting this to Biden. He has said, ‘I do not need to tell you how great a danger is created by senior officers when they make public specifics of US military operations. But I must say that when the President talks with foreign leaders, such talk weakens the power of the nation that is necessary at that time, and at the same time weakens the ability of the President to negotiate.

white house silent

When a White House spokesperson was asked about the Washington Post report, she declined to comment. He said that the media should ask this question to the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Defense Department. Trump, who was the President of the Republican Party, had appointed General Milley to such a big post in the year 2918. But shortly after losing the election in November 2020, he also started criticizing him and many senior officers.

Fear of nuclear attack raised concern

According to the Washington Post, General Milley had contact with China for the second time when Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi asked about the security rules related to preventing a nuclear attack of an ‘unstable president’. According to the newspaper, at this time Pelosi had even called Trump crazy in front of the general. According to the Washington Post, at that time the general told Pelosi that he agreed with everything.

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