Doordarshan is earning a lot in Modi government, earned 1000 crores from free dish slot

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘Mann Ki Baat’ program in the Modi government where Akashvani has got millions of new listeners. On the other hand, Prasar Bharati has earned more than Rs 1000 crore from Doordarshan’s free-dish slots.

All India Radio has got lakhs of new listeners through Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘Mann Ki Baat’ programme.

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After the formation of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government at the center, the days of the government media also started changing. Through the program ‘Mann Ki Baat’ All India Radio i.e. All India Radio got millions of new listeners. At the same time, Parliament TV was formed by merging Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha TV. Not only this, the government also started a separate channel DD Kisan for the farmers. Due to this the earning of Prasar Bharati has increased and now Prasar Bharati has earned more than 1000 crores from DD Free Dish itself.

Prasar Bharati’s DD Free Dish (DD Free Dish) The platform has earned a record Rs 1070 crore from the auction of 65 slots. This is 57 percent more than the income earned from the sale of 59 slots last year. Last year this income was Rs 645 crore.

This strategy of Modi government worked

Experts believe that due to changes in the rules and methods of slots auction during the Modi government’s tenure, Prasar Bharati has been helped in increasing the income. Public sector broadcaster Prasar Bharati has now allowed channels of different genres to bid for those slots which were earlier fixed only for the particular genre.

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Earlier channels were allowed to bid only for the slots of their own genre. DD Free Dish’s slots are sold under 6 buckets.

DD Free Dish Slots Bucket

DD Free Dish has 6 buckets of slots. Among these, A+ is for Hindi language general entertainment channels. A includes Hindi language movie channels and teleshopping channels. B bucket includes music, sports and Bhojpuri channels in Hindi. C bucket is for Hindi news channels. On the other hand, D bucket includes other Hindi, regional, religious and English news channels. Apart from this, there are regional channels in the R1 category which do not fall in any other bucket.

Which bucket earned how much?

DD Free Dish has earned 189.65 crores from A+ category slots, 329.55 crores from A, 206.5 crores from B, 199 crores from C, 141.85 crores from D and 3.05 crores from R1.