Dragon’s secret will be revealed by spy balloon, America will not give debris

Tension has also increased between China and America regarding the spy balloon. China has not yet accepted that its balloon was flown for espionage. America is collecting the debris of the shot down balloon.

US shot down while giving a big blow to China spy balloon Has refused to give the debris. America had shot down a Chinese spy balloon flying in the sky through its fighter aircraft. After which the debris of the balloon has fallen in the Atlantic Ocean of South Carolina. The US Army is engaged in removing the debris of the balloon from the sea.

The Chinese spy balloon was flying in America for the last several days. Last week, the spy balloon reached South Carolina from Montana. After shooting down the balloon, the White House has said with full confidence that it was a spy balloon that was flown in American skies, breaking international law.

‘No plan to return the debris’

Regarding the balloon, US National Security Council spokesman John Kirby has said that as far as I know there is no plan to return the wreckage of the shot down spy balloon to China. He said that the US Army has also recovered some of the debris of the balloon which was floating in the sea while efforts are on to recover the rest of the debris.

According to US Defense officials, the height of the balloon was about 200 feet and it was quite heavy and was also capable of carrying several tonnes of payload. If the officials are to be believed, it could also handle a load like a small chartered aircraft.

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important information obtained before the kill

He said that before shooting down the balloon, sufficient information was gathered about it. We are analyzing the information received related to the balloon. I hope that after the debris is recovered, we will get more information related to the balloon. Kirby further said that the balloon was also adept at maneuvering. He himself used to decide when the balloon has to go down, when to go up, when to reduce the speed and when to increase it.