Dravid breaks silence on Rishabh Pant’s bad shot

Indian cricket team’s wicket-keeper batsman Rishabh Pant is always in the headlines for one reason or the other. South Africa beat India by 7 wickets in the ongoing second test match in Johannesburg on Thursday. Actually, Pant was out after playing a bad shot in the second innings of the match, due to which he is getting trolled a lot on social media. However, the head coach of the Indian team, Rahul Dravid, while taking a stand for him, said something like this that won everyone’s heart.

Rahul supported Pant

Indian cricket team’s head coach Rahul Dravid on Thursday indicated that he has spoken to Pant regarding his short selection, especially the wild slog short he played in the second innings against Africa. After the second Test, while talking to the media, Dravid said that he always wanted Pant to play positive cricket, but sometimes there should be a slight change in the shot selection. Rahul Dravid said,

“In a way we know that Rishabh Pant plays in a positive way. They have their own unique way of playing and that has given them some success too. But of course, there will be a time when we will talk to him about it.”

Pant caught in Rabada’s net

Rishabh Pant

Rishabh Pant came to bat in very difficult conditions, and bowling in front of him was Kagiso Rabada, one of the best bowlers in the world. While playing the first two balls, Rishabh did not seem to be in control at all, due to which he tried to play his natural game, and due to hitting a big short on the third ball of the innings, was caught by the wicket-keeper. In the press conference, when Rahul Dravid was asked whether he was angry with Pant’s short, he said,

“It is just a matter of what is the right time to play that kind of shots. No one is going to tell Rishabh not to play positive or aggressive cricket. But sometimes the question is about choosing the right time to play that kind of cricket. When you come out to bat at the crease, the only advice is to give yourself a little more time.

Pant will get better with experience

Rishabh Pant

However, the last and decisive Test match of the Indian cricket team will be played in Cap Town on 11 January 2022, if Team India wins the next Test match, then it will be the first time in history that Team India will go to Africa and win the Test series.

“But in the end, we know what Pant can do for us. He is a very positive batting player. He is the kind of player who can change the course of the match very quickly. That too very easily. We will not take this away from him and will not ask him to be a different kind of player. He is still learning and hopefully he will continue to improve and keep getting better.”