Drugs smuggling and ruthless murder… Emma Coronel, wife of drug king ‘El Chapo’, convicted, now the beauty queen will spend the rest of her life in jail!

Emma Coronel Aispuro, wife of Mexican drug lord Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman, has been found guilty by a US court of helping her husband run the Sinaloa cartel. . Espuero appeared in front of United States District Court in Washington DC on Thursday. Let us tell you that Emma Coronel Aispuro was arrested in February from an airport in the state of Virginia.

The wife of ‘El Chapo’ was found guilty of three counts of conspiracy to distribute illegal drugs, conspiracy to commit money laundering and involvement in financial transactions with the Sinaloa cartel. In her petition, Emma also admitted that she helped her husband escape from a Mexican prison in 2015. Emma could face a life sentence if convicted of distributing drugs. Apart from this, he will get 20 and 10 years in jail for the other two offences.

Emma will be sentenced on September 15

During the trial, El Chapo’s wife said she was aware of the crimes and the consequences she would face if found guilty. He told the judge, everything is clear. US District Judge Rudolph Contreras has set September 15 as the likely date for sentencing. Emma used to smuggle cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin and ganja into the US through the Sinaloa cartel. In addition, she helped run her husband’s multibillion-dollar cartel.

‘El Chapo’ wife arrested at Dallas airport in February

The 31-year-old former beauty queen was arrested in February at the Dallas International Airport in Virginia. Emma was accused of exchanging information to help Guzman with drug trafficking from 2012 to early 2014. She continued to send messages to Guzman, who was in prison in Mexico, until 2014. Guzmán’s gang is notorious for kidnapping people, smuggling cocaine. Let us tell you that Emma Coronel Aispuro has dual citizenship of America and Mexico.

Supply of drugs in such a large quantity

US prosecutors said the El Chapo cartel smuggled large amounts of cocaine and other drugs into the US during its 25-year rule. The Sinaloa Cartel smuggled into the US more than 450,000 kg of cocaine, 90,000 kg of heroin, 45,000 kg of methamphetamine and about 90,000 kg of ganja. Guzman, 64, was arrested after escaping from prison and extradited to the US.

‘El Chapo’ raised its own army

El Chapo was sentenced to life imprisonment in 2019 after being extradited to the US. His Sinaloa cartel smuggled large amounts of cocaine and drugs into the US during his 25-year crime-ridden reign. What a notorious badass ‘El Chapo’ was. This can be gauged from the fact that he had raised an ‘army’ of his. Its job was to kidnap, torture and kill anyone who came in the way of the cartel.

Who is the drug mafia ‘El Chapo’?

Born in the year 1957, ‘El Chapo’ is considered one of the most dangerous gangsters in the world. Coming from a farming family, ‘El Chapo’ took his first steps in the drug business by cultivating opium and hemp around the house. Gradually it started supplying these drugs. After this, El Chapo became famous in the world of drug trafficking. He made Miguel ngel Felix Gallardo his godfather. At the same time, in 1980 he became the head of the influential Sinaloa drug smuggling group in Mexico.

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