Due to this decision of the government, the petrol pump operators suffered a loss of 2100 crores in one stroke, now they are demanding compensation

Loss of lakhs to each petrol pump.

Due to reduction in excise duty of Rs 8 and Rs 6 per liter on petrol and diesel, petrol pump operators across the country have suffered a loss of Rs 2100 crore. Their association is demanding compensation from the government.

Recently, the government imposed excise duty on petrol and diesel (Excise duty cut on Petrol and Diesel) suddenly decided to cut. Excise duty on petrol was cut by Rs 8 per liter and on diesel by Rs 6 per liter. This decision was taken on Saturday i.e. 21st May and the new price was implemented from 22nd May. because of this cut petrol pump operators ,Petrol Pump Dealers) suffered a loss of crores. Now these petrol pump operators are demanding compensation from the government for the loss. In a report published in Mint, All India Petroleum Dealers Association i.e. AIPDA According to this, the petrol pump operators across the country suffered a loss of 2100 crores due to this deduction.

Petrol Pump Dealers Association AIPDA says that we had stocked petrol and diesel at expensive rates. The government decided to cut the price, due to which all the petrol pump operators have lost lakhs on that stock. Recently, a report by Economic Times came in which it was said that the petrol pump operators in metros have suffered a loss of up to Rs 6-8 lakh. Most petrol pumps stock up on Saturdays, as the fuel terminal is closed on Sundays. In such a situation, their losses were high.

demand compensation for damages

AIPDA members have met officials of the Petroleum Ministry. In this meeting, a demand has been made to compensate for the loss. AIPDA President Ajay Bansal said that he has spoken to the Petroleum Ministry in this regard and has appealed to take his demand to the Finance Ministry. They have also demanded from the government to increase their commission which has remained unchanged for the last five years.

Demand to bring petrol and diesel under the ambit of GST

For a long time, they have also been demanding to bring petrol and diesel under the purview of GST. They believe that if petrol and diesel are brought under the purview of Goods and Services Tax, then its price will come down by Rs 75-80 per liter. This will give relief from sky-high inflation and the economy will also get stronger. Ajay Bansal has appealed to the central and state governments to find new sources of revenue so that the tax burden on petrol and diesel can be reduced. Only the people of the country will get the benefit of this.

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Follow the rules regarding the price properly

Ajay Bansal said that according to the rules, the price of petrol and diesel is decided on a daily basis based on the price of crude oil in the international market. However, this rule is not followed properly. Prices are kept stable for months and then there is an atmosphere of chaos due to sudden steep hikes. Explain that due to assembly elections in five states, the price of petrol and diesel did not change for about 140 days and then it became costlier by Rs 10 per liter in the next two weeks.