Durga Puja: MP Nusrat Jahan played Dhak, stopped the car and ate golgappa, VIDEO Viral

Kolkata Durga Puja 2022: TMC MP and actress Nusrat Jahan was seen enjoying a lot during Durga Puja. She not only played Dhak in the puja pandal, but was seen eating golgappas after stopping the car.

Photo: Actress MP Nusrat Jahan during Durga Puja.

Image Credit source: Instagram

After being locked in the house for almost two years due to Corona virus, this year’s Durga Puja Has brought happiness to the people. Huge crowds are seen in Durga Puja pandals. During this Durga Puja, TMC MP and actress Nusrat Jahan appeared in a different style. He participated in the worship of his Lok Sabha constituency in Basirhat. Gave wreaths to Maa Durga and rejoiced by playing Dhak. When Nusrat Jahan was passing through the road, stop the car and eat golgappas too. This video is becoming very viral on social media.

Nusrat Jahan was seen playing the traditional Bengali instrument Dhak at a Durga Puja pandal in Basirhat during the Maha Shashthi celebrations on Saturday. The entire puja pandal reverberated with the sound of the TMC MP’s dhaka.

Actress Nusrat Jahan was seen eating golgappas on the side of the road

The actress suddenly stopped at the roadside Golgappa stall and enjoyed the popular street food. He himself enjoyed the golgappa and asked others to join him. Apart from acting, actress Nusrat Jahan, who is often in controversy, is also handling the duties of a public representative, Basirhat MP actress Nusrat Jahan. Apart from acting, Nusrat Jahan is in discussion about her personal life. Recently, Nusrat Jahan has completed the work of the film ‘Mastermoshai Aapni Kichhu Dekhini’ (Mastersahib you have not seen anything) with Yash Dasgupta under the direction of Shiladitya Bhowmik.

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Inaugurated many puja pandals in Basirhat

Basirhat MP Actress Nusrat Jahan inaugurated many puja pandals this time. Actress Nusrat Jahan inaugurated Durga Puja at several clubs including Basirhat Frontier Club, Badartala Retreat Club and Milan Sangha, Sabuj Sangha. With the inauguration of the puja, the MP actress gave a message of harmony to the people of Bengal. Nusrat said that there is a festival of harmony between the two communities through worship in the rhythm of Dhak and dance. While on one side the crowd gathered to see Nusrat, on the other hand everyone was taking selfie with their favorite star. Nusrat in one voice wished peace and love for all communities and stressed on maintaining communal harmony.