Earlier KRK was calling Pathaan a flop, now said – When Pushpa-KGF 2 can run…

KRK On Pathaan: Shah Rukh Khan’s film Pathan has hit the big screen. Kamal Rashid Khan, who has been talking about the flop of this film for many days, has now taken a different path.

KRK’s statement on Pathan

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KRK Tweet on Pathan: Actor and film critic Kamal Rashid Khan, who has been vocal against Bollywood films for a long time and has been continuously speaking against many stars, Pathan Have seen the film. He has tweeted his reaction after watching Shah Rukh Khan’s film. However, the voice of KRK, who predicted Pathan’s flop for several days in a row, has changed after watching the film.

While watching the film, KRK first tweeted that Pathan is on fire mode till the interval. He gave four stars to the first half. However, after watching the entire film, his perspective changed a bit. Despite this, KRK said that if films like Pushpa and KGF 2 can run, then this one should also run.

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KRK did this tweet

KRK tweeted, “Pathan has two different films. First first half and second second half. The first film is good but the second is not very good. Actually it is a big scale film with big star cast and 0 percent story. But if KGF 2 and Pushpa can run then this one should too. So 2.5 stars from my side.

Tremendous response amid protests

Even after the release, Pathan is being opposed in many cities of the country. However, amidst protests and uproar, craze is also being seen among the people regarding the film. The film broke many big records in advance booking. For the first day, 5.56 lakh tickets of the film were sold. It is believed that this film will prove to be Shah Rukh Khan’s biggest hit till date.

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The film, directed by Siddharth Anand, is being praised by the critics. Strong action has been shown in the film. In this, the chemistry of Shahrukh and Deepika has also been liked by the people. The special thing is that Salman Khan has done a cameo in the film, seeing which the fans are going out of control.