Earn lakhs every month from solar panels, you will get exemption from this government scheme, know full details

There is a lot of job struggle in the Corona period. In such a situation, PM Kusum Yojana can prove to be helpful for those looking for the option of permanent earning. In this, you can earn lakhs every month by installing solar panels. The good thing is that under this scheme, the government will give you a big discount for installing solar panels.

Through Kusum Yojana, you can generate electricity by installing solar panels on the roof or vacant land of the house. Apart from using it for yourself, you can also sell it. This will double your income. So what is the plan and how can you take advantage of it, know the whole process.

purpose of the plan

With the aim of doubling the income of farmers and economically weaker sections, the government is running PM Kusum Yojana. In this scheme, farmers can earn profit by selling their farmland to private companies on rent or by installing solar panels and selling the electricity generated from it. If someone gives his land on rent, then in return he can get rent up to Rs 4 lakh. However, for this some conditions have to be fulfilled.

Benefits of the plan

1. Under the scheme, a person can rent one-third of his land for installation of solar panels. In return, the companies will give them rent at the rate of one lakh rupees per acre. Usually this fare can be between 1 to 4 lakhs.

2. To take advantage of the scheme, an agreement will be drawn up between the company and the applicant for the installation and rental of solar panels. The contract is usually done for 25 years. The rent will increase after the completion of the contract period.

3. The entire cost of installing solar panels will be borne by the private company. For this the person will not have to spend any money. At the same time, the government gives a strong discount on installing solar panels for personal use.

4. On giving one acre of land, farmers will get 1000 units of free electricity. Also, if more electricity is generated than necessary, they can also sell it to the company or the government.

Learn how to earn by selling electricity

Apart from renting out solar panels, applicants can also earn by selling electricity. Register for Kusum Yojana and contact private and government companies to sell electricity. Six acres of land is required to set up a one MW solar plant. With this 13 lakh units of electricity can be made.

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