Earthquake in Turkey, goalkeeper trapped in debris, coach’s wife prays turkey earthquake footballer was under rubble coach wife shared emotional post

In the earthquake in Turkey, more than 1,300 people have lost their lives while 6000 people are reported to be injured. This earthquake was of 7.5 magnitude.

The country’s goalkeeper trapped in the earthquake in Turkey.

Image Credit source: AFP Photo

Monday in Turkey Earthquake Tremors were felt. After this, there is an atmosphere of panic in the whole country. Meanwhile, the wife of Volkan Demirel, manager of Hatayspor, a football club in Turkey, has given an emotional message. In fact, in this earthquake, Turkish goalkeeper Eyup Turkashian got buried under the debris. More than 1,300 people have lost their lives in this accident while 6000 people are reported to be injured. This earthquake was of 7.5 magnitude.

The name of the place where Turkish football players play is Yeni Malayaspor. He has shared a photo of the goalkeeper with which it is written in the caption, Our prayers are with you.

Video posted on social media

Demirel has posted a video on social media saying, “Hatay is in a very bad condition.” Many of her friends are feared to be buried under the debris. There is also a fear that many footballers may be affected by this. Sharing the message, Yeni Malayaspor wrote, “We seek God’s blessings on the people of our country who have lost their lives in this earthquake. We pray that the injured citizens of our country get well soon. Get well from.”

According to Habré Global, the footballers of Maraspor were staying in the hotel which was destroyed in this accident. Also, there are reports that the men’s volleyball team and the under-14 girls’ volleyball team also stayed in the same hotel. Some people, however, have been pulled out of the debris.”

wrestlers also trapped

According to Birgun some wrestling players There are reports of being buried under the debris as well. Turkey’s Olympic champion wrestler Taha Agul meanwhile pleaded for help. There are reports of 30 to 40 players being affected by it. The tremors of the earthquake were felt till Cairo. Its center was north of Gaziantep city, about 90 kilometers from the Syrian border. The Turkish President said, “My prayers are with the people affected by the earthquake in Kahramanmaras. All our units are on alert.”

Narendra Modi expressed grief

The Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi had expressed grief over the earthquake in Turkey. He wrote in tweeting, “I am deeply saddened to hear about the loss of lives and damage to property in the earthquake in Turkey. Prayers are with the family members. Pray that the injured get well soon. India stands with the people of Turkey.