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Easy way to remove audio from video

WhatsApp Beta users have started getting new and important ‘Mute Video’ feature. The instant messaging giant has been working on this essential feature for some time now and has started releasing it on the latest version of the public beta to test it. The new WhatsApp mute video feature beta version is being released on Explain that through this feature, users can mute the video before uploading it in status or before sending it to another user. This means that the user can see that video, but cannot hear the audio contained in it.

The WhatsApp Mute Video feature is quite beneficial, as earlier users had to resort to other video editing apps to mute the audio from the video, but now you can do this in a pinch while entering the status or sending the video.

As we mentioned, the mute video feature is currently WhatsApp Beta version Is available for If you have an older beta version, we would recommend you to update the app first. By following a few steps mentioned below, you can mute the audio of the video being sent to other contacts or the video being uploaded to the status.

How to mute audio from videos on whatsapp

1. If you are applying status, first open WhatsApp and go to the Status tab.

2. Now click on My Status and click on the video to be uploaded. If you want to record a new video, tap and hold on the recording button.

3. Now the editing window will appear in front of you. You will see an audio icon on the left just below the video trimming bar above. You have to click on this icon and your video will be muted.

4. If you want to mute the video that is being sent to a contact, first open the chat and select the video by tapping on the camera icon or attachment icon at the bottom.

5. Now you will have an editing window in front of you. Here too, you have to tap on the audio icon on the left just below the trimming bar. By doing this, the contact will have only the video without audio.<!–


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