EDLI scheme is very beneficial for EPFO ​​members, know what are the benefits

With the help of EDLI scheme, EPFO ​​provides financial help to secure the future of the family members of its members.

Know the benefits of EDLI scheme

EPFO keeps on bringing many schemes for the benefit of its members. one of EDLI Scheme is also. Although many people are not aware of the benefits of this scheme. Because of this, they are not able to take advantage of this scheme. This scheme gives financial security to the families of its members in case of any difficulties. By keeping a little information, you can secure the future of your family members, here we are telling you some important information related to the EDLI scheme.

What are the features of EDLI scheme

EDLI Scheme i.e. Employee Deposit Linked Insurance Scheme is a scheme of EPFO, which provides insurance facility to its members free of cost. On the accidental death of the employee, his family members get this money.

The nominee of an active member of EPFO ​​gets a lump sum payment of up to Rs 7 lakh on the death of the member during the period of service.