Education Secretary said – Those teachers whose 80% children fail, those teachers should be disqualified, promotion should also be stopped’, furious teachers union

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In a webinar regarding the quality of education, it was said that if 80 percent of the children fail in a teacher’s class, then his promotion should be stopped.

Students who perform well in different boards across the country are awarded. Along with this, the board also honors the teachers who guide them. If the performance of the students in a class is good, then the teacher of that class is awarded. However, recently an official of the Education Department has given such a statement, due to which a controversy has arisen. The official says that if 80 percent of the students fail in a class, then the teacher of that class should be considered ineligible and their promotion (Teacher’s Promotion) be stopped.

Actually, Alak Shukla, Principal Secretary, Chhattisgarh School Education Department has given this statement. He has said that teachers in whose class 80 percent of the children fail, considering them unfit, promotion should be banned. The official said these things in a webinar regarding the quality of education. During this, many senior officials of the education department were present. After that a controversy arose. The teachers union has expressed displeasure over his statement. The union has said that it is regrettable to call the teachers unqualified. The teacher is already busy with many things. In such a situation, those works should be stopped first.

What did the officer say?

Alok Shukla said that the calendar has been given to the schools. In which there is information about everything. Detailed information is given to complete the course. On the basis of the upcoming result, it will be known that how many children are passing and how many are failing. He said that if the children fail, then the teachers will also be considered failed. In which teacher’s class what percentage of children are passing and failing? A report should be given to me. On the basis of this, it will be decided that who is to be rewarded and who is to be punished.

The official said that the teachers in whose class 80 percent of the children are failing. They should be disqualified for promotion. It should be written in the service book of such teachers that they should not be considered eligible for promotion for the next 10 years.

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What did the teachers union say?

At the same time, the teachers’ union said that it is wrong to say this way about teachers. Apart from teaching children, teachers also have many types of work. Being used with teachers. A kind of laboratory has been made. The union said that there is a need to improve it in the coming times. The education of the state has lagged behind because of experiments. Union officials say that when teachers were being praised for their work during the Corona period, the officials also took credit for it.