Effect of global tension, Sensex fell by more than 1200 points, investors lost Rs 4.3 lakh crore

Due to the aggressive approach of Russia, the price of crude oil has jumped and it has reached $ 97. At the same time, gold, which is called safe haven, is at a 9-month high.

Russia fully prepared to attack Ukraine.

last night global politics ,Russia-Ukraine crisis), the effect of which has come up in the stock markets of the world as well as Indian market ,Share market updates) is also clearly visible. today morning Sensex ,Sensex today) with a fall of 1245 points (-2.16%) at the level of 56438 and the Nifty opened at the level of 16848 with a fall of 358 points. All the shares in the top-30 of the Sensex are trading in the red mark. Tata Consultancy Services, L&T and Dr Reddy’s were the biggest losers. At 9.45 in the morning, the Sensex was trading at 56576 with a fall of 1107 points and the Nifty was down by 342 points at the level of 16864.

After this fall, the market cap of BSE decreased to 253.18 lakh crores. The total market cap of the Sensex was Rs 257.39 lakh crore yesterday. In this way, 4.20 lakh crore rupees were drowned in one stroke of the investors. Due to the aggressive approach of Russia, the price of crude oil has jumped and it has reached $ 97. At the same time, the gold called Safe Haven has reached $ 1918. This is the highest level in nine months. Investors are nervous and money is being withdrawn from the markets continuously.

United Nations Security Council emergency meeting

The Security Council of the United Nations has called an emergency meeting regarding the Russia-Ukraine tension. Russian President Vladimir Putin has made it clear that he is in no mood to negotiate to end the Ukraine crisis. It is believed that Putin can appear on TV in front of the world at any time and can openly express his views about this tension.

Ukraine should promise that it will never join NATO – Putin

Actually Putin is in favor of making two Ukrainian cities Luhansk and Donetsk independent. They are supporting the rebels there who are demanding from the government there to be declared independent. Since 2014, these two regions have been controlled by Russian-backed separatists. Putin, while addressing the Russian Security Council, said that Ukraine should first promise that it will never join NATO.

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