Electricity crisis created due to lack of coal in the country, know what is the connection in your pocket

At this time the whole country is going through a big power crisis.

At this time the whole country is going through a big power crisis. Despite all the efforts, it seems that in the coming May-June and July also you may have to spend days and nights between long power cuts.

usually april so hot ,heatwave, Doesn’t happen as much this year. Parra Mane is ready to break his limit. It is already 45-46 degree heat and sweat is flowing like water. Now even fans, coolers are proving to be unsuccessful in stopping your sweat. You can get an idea of ​​how many ACs are there. Now light in such life-saving heat (Electricity) Even if it is not, then understand that the heart and mind are all shaken. But, the reality is that at this time the whole country is facing a major power crisis. (Power Crisis) passing through. Despite all the efforts, it seems that the coming May-June and July will also give you long power cuts. (Power Cut) Days and nights may have to be spent between them. Now let’s come to this why this is happening.

Before discussing this, you must be angry to know that why the governments do not take lessons from the crises of the past. Because not much time has passed, while the country had gone into such a power crisis. Even then there was a shortage of coal and the situation is similar even today.

This time it is getting more difficult due to this, because power demand is at its peak due to heat and power houses are not getting coal. During the second wave of Kovid last year, the situation in front of the hospitals was about oxygen. A similar case is now regarding electricity. Meaning, even hospitals have to struggle to supply electricity. The situation is such that even the hands and feet of the government are swollen.

Electricity demand crosses record level

The demand for electricity in the country has crossed the record level. Now the situation is that out of 173 power plants in the country, 105 are on the verge of running out of coal. The current stock of coal is less than 25 per cent of its fixed level. Now there is no coal on one side and power demand is breaking records on the other. The maximum power demand crossed 201 GW on 26 April. On July 7 last year, the maximum power demand in the country was close to 200 GW. This situation of demand for electricity is when April is not over yet. If the situation remains the same, then in May and June this demand may increase to 215-220 GW.

If we talk about the major thermal power plants in the country, then out of these, 6 out of 7 in Rajasthan, all 6 in West Bengal, 3 out of 4 in Uttar Pradesh, 3 out of 4 in Madhya Pradesh, 7 out of 7 in Maharashtra and Coal stock has reached very low levels in all 3 plants of Andhra Pradesh. Power plants complain that lack of rail rakes is causing delay in getting coal.

Guess the power crisis from the fact that in the country’s financial capital Mumbai and its surrounding areas, where there was electricity for 24 hours earlier, there are continuous power cuts. In Bihar and Uttarakhand also, there are frequent power cuts in rural and urban areas. The demand for electricity in Rajasthan has increased by 31 percent, due to which power cuts are being done for 5 to 7 hours every day. If we talk about UP, then there is a shortage of 3,000 MW power in this most populous state in India. Against the demand of about 23,000 MW, the supply is getting only 20,000 MW. Due to the power crisis, there is a cut of 8 to 9 hours in many cities.

Power discoms owe thousands of crores to Coal India

In the midst of all this, also know that the power discoms of different states owe thousands of crores of rupees to Coal India. Coal India owes a total of Rs 7918.72 crore to all the discoms of the country. In this, West Bengal has 1066.40 crores, Jharkhand 1018.22 crores and Tamil Nadu Rs 823.92 crores remains outstanding.

Summer is also breaking all records. The temperature is increasing continuously in many parts of the country. The Meteorological Department has issued a heat wave warning. According to the Indian Meteorological Department. The temperature in the country’s capital New Delhi was recorded at 42.6 degrees Celsius on 20 April, which was the hottest day in five years. The national record reached 92 degrees in March, the highest since 1901. Now in view of the shortage of coal, the railways has started canceling the trains as well.

The government’s effort is to cancel the passenger trains and take the coal rakes to the power plants. Railways has canceled 670 passenger trains till May 24. Of these, more than 500 trains are long distance mail and express trains. The power crisis is only getting rid of people’s sweat. Now it is going to affect your pocket as well.

How would you think? In fact, due to power cuts, generators will have to be run to power the cold storage. The condition of factories will also be the same. This will increase their cost and the goods will be expensive and will have a direct impact on the pocket of the common man. That is, a big challenge is in front of the government at this time. He has less time. The coal crisis has to be resolved immediately, so that the people of the whole country can deal with this heat for the next 2-3 months.

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(Story: Saurabh Dixit)