Elon Musk calls Justin Trudeau like Hitler, uproar on Twitter

US electric car company Tesla’s chief executive Elon Musk has compared Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to German dictator Adolf Hitler in a tweet. Through this tweet, Musk is seen supporting the protest of Canadian truck drivers against strict rules regarding the vaccine. This tweet of his started a big controversy on Twitter.

Musk tweeted this from California late on Wednesday. However, he deleted the tweet on Thursday without giving any reason. When contacted for comment, he did not respond. Musk supported the demonstration of Canadian truck drivers in a tweet last month. These truck drivers have closed roads and bridges in Canada. This has raised the issue of opposition to the policies of Trudeau’s government internationally. In response to a tweet about an order for banks to stop funding protesters of Trudeau’s government, Musk posted a meme of a photo of Hitler with the caption “Stop comparing me to Justin Trudeau.”

Musk has about 74 million followers on Twitter. He often grabs people’s attention with tweets containing scathing remarks. However, many Twitter users have objected to comparing Trudeau to Hitler, the Nazi leader responsible for the genocide in Germany. Canadian Industry Minister Francois-Philippe Champagne addressed Musk on Twitter, saying his remarks were a big setback. However, Musk’s controversial tweet has garnered over 35,000 likes and has been retweeted over 9,000 times. It has also been praised by many Twitter users. One of these users wrote that his car should now be Tesla.

Musk also has disputes with the US government. Musk often says that the US government ignores his company’s contributions. Musk is also considered a supporter of cryptocurrencies and he also tweets about cryptocurrencies several times. Tesla The plan is to start business in India also. For this, the company had requested the central government to reduce the import duty. However, there has been no positive response from the government on this.

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