Elon Musk laid mattresses in Twitter’s head office! Surprised on reaching the employees office!

Ever since Elon Musk became the new owner of Twitter, there has been a stir in Twitter. Musk is bringing new changes in the company every day. It is now reported that he has spread mattresses for the employees to sleep in the Twitter headquarters overnight. Along with this, comfortable chairs have also been installed. That is, the office has been given the shape of a bedroom. When the employees also reached the office the next day, they were surprised to see this setup. Musk did all this without any announcement, seeing which the employees were also shocked the next morning. Elon Musk recently told employees to either work hard or quit.

Elon Musk has Twitter The headquarters was converted into a bedroom overnight. Employees in the office can now even take a nap on comfortable mattresses when they are too tired. Musk’s style of working is very different. Recently, he asked the office workers to work under strict conditions. Keeping this in mind, he has made this change. That is, they want to see how dedicated the employee is towards his work. If the employee wants, he can even sleep in the office itself. Elon Musk himself also announced in November that he would stay in the corporate offices and work with the employees and sleep there until the company’s condition improves.

Objection has also been raised on the matter of laying mattresses in the office. The Department of Building Inspection in San Francisco is about to launch an investigation soon. Forbes’s Report According to a tweet by Date Goldenberg, a senior editor at KQED, the San Francisco Department of Building Inspection is about to open an investigation. It’s like disrespecting office space. That’s why action is being said to be taken against it.

On every floor of the office, Musk has prepared 4 to 8 such rooms in which hardcore employees can sleep. They are decorated with orange colored carpets, sidetables, queenbeds, table lamps, armchairs etc. which creates a very relaxing atmosphere to watch. The office has been made like a hotel room. Ever since Elon Musk became the owner of the company, new changes are being made in the company everyday. Work from home or work from remote location of Twitter workers has also been banned. Musk has advised workers to be prepared for difficult times. Perhaps that is why Musk has arranged for the employees to sleep in the office itself.


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