Elon Musk receives advice on DOGE upgrade to combat spam on Twitter

Tesla chief Elon Musk, who is going to buy microblogging site Twitter, has begun efforts to fulfill his promise to rid Twitter of spammers and bots. In the same episode, Mark Cuban, owner of the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks team, advised Musk to upgrade Dogecoin to make it more efficient and secure. Layer-2 solution can be used for this.

after upgrade Musk You can ask for a DOGE to post tweets on Twitter. There is no limit on posting tweets. This will create a large pool of DOGE that will be used to reward people who report spam posts on Twitter. However, if the post does not turn out to be spam, the person reporting it will lose their DOGE. Cuban has said that identified spammers will need to add 100 Dogecoin to their Twitter pool so they can make the next post. Cuban made this suggestion in a conversation between American businessman Marc Andreessen and Musk on Twitter.

Andreessen posted a screenshot of spam tweets from another account with his identity. He tweeted, “Which algorithm can capture this?” To this Musk said, “Person.” This suggestion of Cuban has also been praised by the general public. Dogecoin creator Shibetoshi Nakamoto is also excited about this.

However, many people have also opposed it. He says that this will cause millions of people to buy DOGE just to post on Twitter and Twitter users may also be reduced for this reason. Due to not increasing the price of this meme coin, people also do not want to buy it just for Twitter. This is Musk’s favorite cryptocurrency and in April he Twitter Blue It was asked to make it available as an option for payment for services. Musk’s target is crypto bots that post spam on Twitter. It is being said that after regaining control of Twitter, Musk can make big changes in it. <!–


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