Elon Musk will put chip in Humans brain got approval from US government for Neuralink

Billionaire ‘Elon Musk’, the owner of companies like Tesla, SpaceX and Twitter, has achieved great success. Musk’s brain chip company Neuralink has finally got approval for testing on humans. The company has been conducting trials on animals for a long time and now it will conduct trials on humans. Neuralink has said in a tweet that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has given it the green signal for the first in-human clinical trial.

Neuralink is developing a device that can control your computer, mobile phone or other devices directly from your brain. The maximum benefit of this device will be to the disabled and people who are in the grip of paralysis. In its tweet, Neuralink wrote that getting FDA approval represents an important step. The company said that its technology will one day be able to help many people.

The device Neuralink is working on is named ‘Link’. Its size is like a coin. With the help of the device, a paralyzed person will be able to operate his smartphone only by thinking. The company tested the device by implanting it in the brains of several animals. Last year, a video was told how a monkey used its mind to play a game.

neuralink It has been said that its aim is to make life easier for people suffering from neurological disorders. The company had been seeking approval for human trials from the US government for a long time. Now his effort has been successful. It is difficult to say how much success Neuralink will get in human trials. Many animals were killed during the experiment. The company was accused of animal cruelty, which Musk dismissed.

Neuralink wanted to get permission for trials on humans by the year 2020, but it has been delayed. The eyes of the world are on this project. If there is any disturbance in the human trial, then the company may have to bear the loss. Although Musk has full faith in the device. Last year, he had even said that he was ready to impose it on his children as well.

one of metrouk Report According to , Neuralink is not the only company making such a device. A company named Synchron has implanted its brain chip on a patient in America. The company received approval from the US government in 2021. Synchron has also completed a study on 4 people in Australia.