Elon Musk’s big statement, said his company Tesla can again accept cryptocurrency bitcoin for payment

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has a special affinity for cryptocurrencies. From DodgeCoin to Bitcoin, he has shown a lot of interest. But some time ago he announced that Tesla would no longer accept the cryptocurrency bitcoin as payment. This created a ruckus in the market. But Allen has again given relief to the people and has said to accept it again.

He said his company may re-accept cryptocurrencies as payment for Tesla electric vehicles. Let us tell you that “The Bee Word” conference was organized by the Cryptocurrency Council for Innovation regarding the environmental pollution caused by the creation of cryptocurrencies. In it, Allen said, “Don’t expect energy production to be as pure as powered ice, but it can’t use the dirtiest coal in the world.”

May Allen suspended the use of bitcoin for purchases following concerns about the use of fossil fuels in mining, which caused the digital currency to decline.

Allen says that hydropower, geothermal and nuclear are all good energy sources being used for bitcoin mining. Confirmation that more renewable energy is being used in its mining. In such a situation, cryptocurrencies will be accepted again.

Jack Dorsey, chief executive officer of Twitter Inc. and Square Inc., and Kathy Wood, head of Ark Investment Management, also spoke about the digital currency. Dorsey said that bitcoin is encouraging innovation in the energy sector. “I believe bitcoin will be more environmentally friendly,” Wood said.

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